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Ammonium sulphate

A potent ammonium fertilizer that helps ensure high agricultural and economic efficiency of stale crop cultivation by boosting both the quality and quantity of crops.

  • Fraction: 2–5 mm
  • Granule static strength: 2–6 kg/granule
  • Homogeneity: 80%
  • Water: <0,3%
  • Free sulphuric acid: <0,05%
  • 21
    N on dry basis
  • 24
    S on dry basis
  • < 0.05
    insolubles on dry basis

We use Galoryl® anti-caking agent, so our fertilizers maintain 100% friability even during prolonged storage.

The high quality of our product, as well as the absence of any harmful impurities therein, has been proven by Switzerland's SGS, Ukrainian laboratories and scientific institutes.

Fill with strength

Ammonium sulphate is a universal fertilizer suitable for cultivation of winter and spring cereals, industrial crops, and root crops alike. Its scope of application ranges from pastures through vegetable farming and to horticulture.
Ammonium sulphate granules boost crop growth and yields. The plants develop much more actively, gaining a healthy dark-green colour.


  • Nitrogen reduces unproductive consumption of fertilizer post-application if added in the form of ammonium, raising its effectiveness by 25%. As a result, it is absorbed by the plants’ root system almost entirely (90–95%). Unlike saltpetre or urea, ammonium shows minimal loss due to evaporation. For the surface application of ammonium sulphate, ammonium losses hardly exceed 1–3%, versus 25–30% for urea or ammoniac saltpetre.
  • As a result, it doesn’t saturate the soil and subsoil water with nitrates, in contrast to other types of nitrate fertilizers.

The highest
sulphur content

  • Sulphur is among the staples for the mineral nutrition of crops and helps ensure high yield and quality of the product, while also reducing production costs.
  • Sulphur is a crucial element of plant protein structure that promotes nitrogen fixation. It is a part of essential amino acids, such as cysteine, methionine, threonine, and lysine, which directly contribute to the higher quality of grain. Therefore, this substance is crucial for getting high-quality grain with excellent protein properties if applied on time.
  • Ammonium sulphate is digestible by plants, ensuring that they start taking up sulphur from the first year of fertilization.
  • Sulphur-containing fertilizers increase yield by 15% for grains and up to 25% for other crops.

soil PH

  • Ammonium sulphate enables higher yield on alkaline soils.

Advantages of AMMONIUM SULPHATE GRANULES as compared to other mineral fertilizers

Homogenous application.
Lower consumption during fertilization due to increased granule scattering, which helps save time, fuel, and effort for both the equipment and the workforce.
Requires no expensive equipment, unlike ammonium and CAS.
Ammonium sulphate granules can be added to fertilizer mixtures because they react with other mixture components.
No fertilizer burns.
Uniform grading: the shape of granules facilitates dosage and packaging.
Good friability: ammonium nitrate granules don't cake or crumble from prolonged storage.
Dust-free application (dust < 2%).
Granule static strength close or superior to that of industrial ammonium saltpetre.
Granule dynamic strength equal to that of potassium chloride.

In-house production

We use state-of-the-art European-made equipment to ensure that the quality of our products meets the most stringent international standards.

Sophisticated, environmentally safe ammonium sulphate granulation technology.
Product quality and quantity guaranteed by the production line's Japanese-German producer Hosokawa Alpine.
Multilevel quality control of raw materials and finished product quality in an in-house lab with fixed quality criteria.
Ukrainian raw materials sourced from multiple suppliers with guaranteed contracted volumes.
Kaizen production system.

Our facility has a production capacity of 100,000 tpy.

Due to the location of the complex and the warehouses of partners, we supply ammonium sulfate to any point of Ukraine by road or rail. Fertilizer is shipped in big bags of 900 kg.

Ukrainian mineral fertilizers

An ammonium sulphate granules producer, Ukrainian Mineral Fertilizers is one of the most advanced mineral fertilizer production facilities in Ukraine.

  • decent working conditions
    We invest in the development of local communities as well as ensure decent working conditions and professional growth for our staff.
  • Eco-production
    We have managed to establish sustainable production that is safe for the environment and workforce alike.
  • guaranteed deliveries
    With guaranteed timely delivery of raw materials, established business processes, in-house logistics, and independence from imports, we help safeguard our clients from the risks of uncertainty .


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